Linear friction welding machines

Linear friction welding machines купить

Thompson, a brand of KUKA, offers the innovation to transform the capabilities of the linear process offering unrivalled speed, weld integrity and efficiency. KUKA Linear Friction Welding provides the opportunity for significant savings in raw materials, better productivity, lower energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions.

Typical Applications

Thanks to the KUKA linear friction welding machines, a wide variety of components can be joined for many different industries. These include sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical and power generation.

Linear Friction Welding systems that meet your needs

The Linear Friction Welding process is suitable for joining a wide variety of components both large and small. With Thompson machines KUKA provides the distinct advantage of welding dissimilar ferrous and non-ferrous materials and have the unique capability of simultaneously joining multiple components in a single weld cycle. Choose from our LR range of 5 to 300 Tonne Linear Friction Welding systems.

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